Dexter Boomstick: Episode #1 By M.P. Lombardo

“I’ve got no roots, but my home was never on the ground.”
-No Roots by Alice Merton

**I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Dexter “Boomstick” Reynolds is a 30-year-old store manager with a hidden talent that helps him become THE monster-slayer and hero when his town seems to turn into a psychotic man’s nightmarish fantasy. Can Dexter keep his small group of friends alive and safe while he tries to get across town and find his beloved girlfriend, Roxanne? And what’s with these strange plants and pissed off ants?

I first want to clarify this book in no way has a zombie plot like the Walking Dead or Ash versus the Evil Dead. I have never watched either of these two shows; however, I did give them a quick google search before writing this review just to verify there were no similarities and I did not find any. This book focuses on paranormal entities and has a small Twin Peaks vibe. (Or Strangers Things vibe if you aren’t into old 90’s TV shows like I am!)

I really enjoyed how this book was written. It’s in third person and every couple chapters gives you an intertwining story through the eyes of every character in the book. The character building writing this way, while brief, was just enough to help you understand personality and a little bit of everyone’s contribution to the story.

In a way, I felt bad for Dexter’s character because throughout the entire book everyone is turning to him to decide “What do we do now?” and to protect them from the strange creators roaming the town. He’s consistently keeping his cool and staying level headed throughout most of the book. Gabby does step up in a survivalist way and I found that her character complimented Dexter very well. Her clear romantic interest in Dexter, I personally, found normal and amusing because not a single female alive can say they haven’t related at least a LITTLE to that type of emotion. Roxanne, Dexter’s girlfriend, was absent a good portion of the book and does seem like the “damsel in distress”; however, I am very cautious to critique characters this early into a beginning book series. Lots could change over time with the characters’ personalities or behavior. So at this point, I’m excited to “stay tuned” and see how it all unfolds.

Also, I want to throw out there that Dexter’s feelings and behavior towards his girlfriend, Roxanne, is totally “hashtag: relationship goals’!

Without giving too much away, the creatures were scary, weird and slightly random; just the way I like them. The settings were fun, interesting and scary. The book was self published and there are some spelling and grammatical hiccups, but not many and it didn’t disrupt the story in any way. I personally think, for being a self published, this book’s cover art and overall paperback product  was very impressive.

We all have those authors that we read one book and immediately get hooked and will read anything or just about anything they write in the future. I cannot wait to read the next book and am genuinely excited for whatever this author may release in the future and because of that, I give this book a 5 out of 5 rating.

If you are interested in checking this book out, I highly recommend visiting the author’s website:   and reading his short story that further discusses one of the characters in the book and gives you a great taste of the author’s writing style.

Click Here to get a copy of the book!

Happy reading, amigos!!


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